Dozer, T9
Model: T9
Cummins, QSB6.7-C165
Engine power,kW (h.p.)
110 (150) @ 2000 rpm
Operating weight, kg
Ground pressure, kgf/cm²


Cummins Make, QSB6.7-C165 V6, four-stroke, turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled, liquid-cooled diesel engine.
  • Cylinder bore and piston stroke — 102 mm x 120 mm
  • Enginedisplacement — 6,7L
  • Operating power — 110 kW (150 h.p.) at 2000 rpm
  • Max. torque — not lower than 800 Nm at 1300... 1500 rpm
Engine with "Quantum" system, comprising electronic fuel injection, diagnostic, engine protection and engine control systems. Oil cleaning system with full-flow filter. Liquid-oil heat exchanger for engine oil cooling. Charge air and engine coolant are cooled by radiators installed in the radiators block. Liquid-oil heat exchanger for transmission oil cooling is installed on the tractor frame below radiators block. Engine heat control is performed by thermostat and fan with electromagnetic clutch drive manufactured by Horton company with automatic rotation control depending on the coolant and charge air temperature.
Final drive is of two-stages, the 1-st one having external gearing pinions and the second one of planetary «k+1» type (with the stopped crown gear). The sprocket has a 5-segment design, with the segments being bolt-on for easy replacement infield conditions.

Suspension: A three-point semi-rigid suspension with displaced oscil­lating axle of bogies provides highertraction characteristics, reduction of impact loadson undercarriage, improvement ofworking conditions. Track rollers, support rollers and idlers feature a life-time lubrication and self-adjusting «duo-cone» seal packages.

Number of track rollers (each side)—6
Number of support rollers (each side)—2

Track chains
: Assembled with single-grouser track shoes and a seal package for retaining a fluid lubricant in the hinge. The track chain tension can be easily adjusted with a grease gun.

Link pitch—190.5 mm
Number of shoes (each side)—39
Grouser height — 55mm
Shoe width— 560mm
Base—2 470 mm
Ground contact area—2.766mz
Ground pressure—0.607 kgf/cm2

Depending on the ripper working conditions, one, two or three shanks may bemounted which will provide high productivity.

Hipper type Number of shanks Weight, kg Lift above ground, max, mm Digging depth, max, mm Breakout force, max, T Penetration force, max, T
Non-adjustable, multi-tooth 3 890 543* 455* 11,6 5,22

A planetary-type gerabox with oil operating, high capacity torque transmitting clutches 345mm in diameter provides three forward gears and three reverse ones with gear shifting under load. Gear shifting is electrohydraulic. Asper design the gearbox is connected with matching reducing gear and main drive forminga single power unit mounted on rear axle bore. Three-element one-stage torque converter with efficient diameter of 390mm, maximum transformation ratio K"=2.539 with pumps drive reduction gear is connected with the gearboxby spline coupling and mounted on the front wall of the rear axle. The torque converter is connected with the engine through drive line and engine mounted elastic clutch.

Gear Forward, km/h Reverse km/h
1 3,8 5,0
2 6,9 9,0
3 11,1 14,4

The remote-cylinder hydraulic system is composed of:
  • NSh71 gear pump of 120L/min capacity at 1,700rpm engine speed
  • Four-section control valve consisting of one valve section and three spool sections
  • Maximum relief valve setting— 20MPa (200kgf/cm2)
  • Hydraulic tank capacity (welded tank suitable for mechanical treatment of inner surfaces) — 85 L
Spool sections Positions of control valve spools Number of cylinders Cylinder bore, mm
Blade lift Raise, neutral (hold), lower, float 2 80
Blade tilt Right, neutral, left 1 125
Ripper lift Raise, neutral, lower 2 100


Large capacity of SU-blade provides increased productivity. The blade design ensures its effective application both for soil transportation and when trenching, performing leveling operations and road laying.

Blade Blade length x height, В x H, mm x mm Blade capacity m’ Lifting nver the ground, Blade deepening, mm Maxtilt adjustment, degree Weight, kg
SU-blade 3160×1273 4,28 1000* 500* ±7* 2118

— * with shipped grousers